The Promised Neverland : remember that the anime adaptation of the manga phenomenon ?

“The Promised Neverland”, the anime adaptation of the eponymous manga signed Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, made yesterday his debut in simulcast on the platform Wakanim. A great new series of japanese she is born ? D. R. what is it about ? Emma, Norman, and Ray flow of the happy days at the orphanage Grace Field House. Surrounded by their little brothers and sisters, they blossom under the attention, full of tenderness of the ” Mother “, which they regard as their true mother. But while rocking the night where they discover the terrible reality that hides behind the façade of their peaceful life ! They must escape, it is a matter of life or death ! It goes on what channel ? The Wednesday afternoon simulcast on Wakanim. Trailer : The Promised Neverland – season 1 trailer VO What you think It is little to say that this first episode of The Promised Neverland was expected firm footing by fans of japanese animation, as well as the eponymous manga signed Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu has established itself in the space of a few months ago as a series not to be missed – adoubée in particular by Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) – doubled a phenomenal success in bookstores (eighth manga the most sold in Japan in 2018 more than 4 million volumes sold). You have understood by reading its synopsis, The Promised Neverland slice with the style of the usual shônen to success. As soon as this first episode, the series does not lose much time to introduce its three main characters (Emma, Norman, and Ray), the context of the story (an orphanage where children are cared for by a mother substitute) and finally the revelation that will persuade the heroes to devise a plan of escape without being unmasked by their captors. Will then start a game of cat and mouse, false pretenses, while the three children will need to implement their plan, while protecting their secret. Their “mother” is aware of their grim discovery ? How much time do they have before it is too late ? What about the other children of the orphanage ? So many issues that divide sometimes the protagonists, each with a unique talent above and beyond their exceptional intelligence. And the fans of the manga (five volumes available at éditions Kazé) can attest, the plot of The Promised Neverland is going to be more exciting, as that the noose will tighten on Emma, Norman, and Ray, and that new obstacles would stand in their way. To the extent that the impossibility for them to reveal the underside of the orphanage, the other children will gradually isolate them from the rest of the group, and thus weaken them. As you know, The Promised Neverland is to be regarded now as a weekly appointment for the privileged, what is more, if the storyline of the cartoon has been faithful to the manga.

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