Netflix : a trailer for Chambers, the series horror with Uma Thurman

Check out the first images of Chambers, the new production’s supernatural Netflix with Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn. A discover on the platform on April 26. The new production of the horror of Netflix is called Chambers, and, according to this first trailer, it promises to return a few stomachs. The series follows Sasha, a young woman who has survived a heart attack thanks to a heart transplantation. Ensue, then strange phenomena, especially when she starts to develop character traits specific to the donor and to be with his disturbing family. What begins as a simple injury turns into a nightmare. The unknown Sivan Alyra Rose is doing here her first steps and gives the reply to the seasoned Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn (Scandal). Led by writer and actress Leah Rachel, this supernatural thriller arrives on Netflix on the 26th of April.

The Walking Dead : what to expect from season 10 ?

The Walking Dead it is finished, in any case until the next season is expected for next fall. What are our expectations for the future of the series ? AMC The contrast against the Whisperers once their wounds dressed and their mourning ended, there is no doubt that the hero will seek a way to avenge leirs ten friends killed by the Whisperers. Prohibited from venturing into their territory, without which Alpha will be launching their kits his horde of thousands of rangers, the communities will have to make a common front and especially do not let the grudges of the past re-surface for the split. But to get that repair, it will be necessary, however, that a leader emerges to lead the three communities of the series (the Kingdom, Alexandria, the Hill) on the trail of the war. As the successor of Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl are obviously figure obviously, but who knows if other characters such as Ezekiel and Carol specifically disclaim the role of war chief in view of the inevitable conflict that announcement ? The identity of mysterious female voice season 9 ended on a note of more mysterious : after a conversation radio between Ezekiel and Judith Grimes, a female voice unidentified, was then heard. Who is it ? (read our theories) This is THE question that everyone asks, and season 10 will provide a response to the expectations. Character already met in the past, or unpublished, for example a member of a new community ? Ally or enemy ? The bets are in any case launched… A or returns ? Season 9 has been marked by the departure of two mainstays of the series : Rick and Maggie. Who knows if season 10 will not be unlike that of their return ? In the case of the sheriff, everything is possible, provided of course that it is not killed in the tv-movies which will soon be consecrated. It may be surprising that this is the death in a television movie, without having had the opportunity to say goodbye to his friends. And most importantly, what’s the point of having spared in the series to best the kill a little later ? It would make little sense… As in Maggie, the possibility of a return is more than possible but likely mostly in the form of a flashback, to the occasion, for example, an episode dedicated to the reasons for his hurried departure ? Part join the community of Georgia (the old woman that had provided them with food in exchange for books), the latter has left his own during the time jump of six years after the “death” of Rick, but the reasons for this departure, we have never been revealed. Negan will he show his face ? Little seen this season, if not in the form of a character appeased and father to Judith Grimes, Negan is he trying to become nice ? This is the question that needs to be asked, unless, of course, that the former leader of the Saviors, do the back round the time that the attention on him is released. A theory, however, undermined by his escape, after which the latter had finally decided to surrender and to return to him-even his cell. Six years of imprisonment are sufficient por change a man, including when it comes to a bloodthirsty lord who murdered with blows of the bat two of the heroes of the series ? Certainty is not gained, but the doubt is in any case allowed. Season 10 of The Walking Dead will follow likely next fall in the US+24 on OCS.